Difficulty Getting Started

How easy is it to make excuses? “I haven’t done enough research,” “I just need to do one more thing before I start”, or “I’ve got plenty of time.”

Those excuses — especially the last one — are fatal. There may be external factors preventing us from starting projects — having to wait for a response, inability to get information, lack of physical proximity, or an official starting date. More often than not, those restrictions are self-imposed rationalizations. You’re only fooling yourself. The deadline, goal, or final product is still looming over you no matter how long you try to deny it.

Even if you’re waiting for something that is truly out of your control, are there parts of the project you can still pursue? Sections you can write? Research that isn’t dependent on external factors? There’s always some part of a project that you can get out of the way. It’s possible that working on something other than what you need to be working on may point you toward something new you hadn’t considered before. If nothing else, getting started means you might finish early and could avoid having the whole thing hanging over your head in the first place.

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