What are your thoughts about the Virtual Reality?

I could see it revolutionizing Estate Agencies. In much the same way the internet has.People could actually do Virtual House Walk-through.The suitable candidate will have some commercial experience (between 1-5 years) in a Web Development role and therefore be able to create and organise web applications, as well as managing underlying databases and creating and managing web services.They believe that individual developers are in the best position to make decisions about what should be created, and how it should be built. Within their setup those decisions are made by small teams of three or four developers who own each piece of their product. This autonomy allows them to deploy 200+ times each day. 

It probably sounds worse than it is but it's worth considering. I heard a couple of airlines are looking at installing it on their planes as passenger entertainment. Probably has a big future in entertainment. Might be useful as a training aid? Driving etc?

For You Can Check :   2D Corporate Animation Video


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