AIO in Front case fans - Question??

 I then tried to fix all these problems but never was really happy with the results which was a bit depressing. So after a long time i decided to draw the line and begin new. I'm already pretty good with this tools right now but i will choose another way this time.

From looking at pictures, safe to say the front fans mount at least 25mm from the front. Add the radiator thickness to the fan thickness and to the space between the fans and the front panel. You can measure yourself as you already have the case.

Estimate a safe 120mm from rear of case to centre of CPU socket (ATX boards are 244mm wide). Like most cases, not all, the I/O & PCI slot edge of the motherboard actually starts 15-25mm from the rear of the case. The PC-7H appears to as well (rear fan "sticks out" to the edge of the case/motherboard is in-set a little).

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