A Motivational Fitness Experience

Hop on your nearest Subway or Metro and join us for a Fitness EXPERIENCE that you will NEVER FORGET! The Bronx's own husband/ wife health crusader duo George and Ayanna Penn and Team Diamond Cut, their squad of health coaches are bringing together the masses in a local movement to help end the trend of obesity in America one Community at a time.....starting with The BRONX in NYC! (which happens to be dead llast in all of NYS 62 counties in terms of health, but not for long!) We are EXCITED to announce that we are bringing in a SUPER reinforcement to help turn the state of our mindsets on health around and YOU ARE INVITED! This will be our first of a series of Inspirational Fitness and Entertainment EXPERIENCES, designed to bring entire communities together in a MOVEMENT towards a higher state of awareness, health practices and ACTION! Don't miss this interactive event full of fun, realness..

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