It also aides in the creation of the baggages we pack with more reasons to remain the same. Baggages such as; ​ 1- Doubt/fear 2- Trust 3- Shame 4- Regret 5- Anger

LYE (Love Yourself Enough) has created various platforms in order to cure people with this disease. ​ Workshops, speaking event, one on one consulting, life coaching, and books. THE LYE MOVEMENT-CURING AND ENDING LOW SELF-ESTEEM will mirror all of our efforts.Practice your downward dog at the yoga booth, indulge in some tasty and healthy food samples and equip yourself with the health and immigrant resources available to our vibrant and diverse NYC community.

The best part? The celebration, resources, food samples, and activities are all FREE and open to the public. So go ahead- treat yourself by empowering yourself.

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