Facebook Addiction Disorder

Facebook is one of the trendiest social networking websites on the planet. Created by Harvard genius Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, it started out as a campus thing but progressively became a worldwide source of communication and entertainment. Up to 2012 it has under gone a lot of transformations and is now offering more features than it ever did before. Now we can create our own pages and promote brands, products, movies, television shows and celebrities. Different websites have their own Facebook icon ‘f’ which can be used to share pictures, tweets, articles and other stuff directly on our Facebook walls. Facebook is what one calls the hub of social networking.

No doubt Facebook is a stroke of genius but excess of everything is bad. Not long after its creation, people began to exploit it by creating fake accounts, starting propagandas against different cultures, creating offensive groups to mock other religions and by posting odious pictures and videos. In 2010 a “Draw Mohammad” contest was held on Facebook which resulted in the ban of Facebook in Pakistan for some time.

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