7 life lessons on how to become a good investor

Do not get bogged down by what your friends do or don't. You can't be defined by others. Try to build your own thoughts. Don't seek affirmations and confirmations from all. A handful of well-wishers are all you need. Trying to please everyone can be suicidal for your personal growth. 

Likewise, in investing, do not buy or sell based on what your friends, neighbours or that fancy stock guru is buying. You do not know their realities. You do not know their risk ap .. 

As an investor, do not be in a hurry to see your investments grow. Investing is a process. It is not a journey towards building an X amount of retirement corpus, but a journey to achieve financial independence. The sooner you achieve it, the better. Not all investments will pay off. But all's well if it ends well. Worrying over every investment and why it went right or wrong will only make you miserable. 

Do not wile away your time. All play and no work got Jack .. 

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