They have Full Paperwork. what does this mean?

Sometimes when you purchase of a seller there may be certain liabilities you will need to account for. This is defiantly something you should keep an eye out for or ask if your not sure as this is the area where extra costs may occur. Extra costs may include VAT and Custom charges so always ask if not sure especially if its a brokered deal.

VAT - Its pretty obvious but a liability you need to check. When ordering from overseas it is possible VAT (Value Added Tax) may be added to your order. The current rate for the UK is 20%. I have seen many buyers complain typically on Ebay when they received their order and had to pay an extra lump on top where they simply didn't read the advert properly. Hence why i stress to look out for Buyer Liabilities.

T/T - Telegraphic transfer - This is a payment method that can be used when paying a supplier. It usually refers to the exchange of money from your own bank into the suppliers bank


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