Content Marketing Tools Are Becoming More Diversified

Email marketing technology is central to an organization’s content marketing effort, but there’s more to an effective campaign than just an email solution.

With automation tools gaining traction and artificial intelligence (AI) improving existing technology, companies’ content marketing tool belts are becoming more diversified, according to data from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

The study indicated more than three-quarters of content marketers in North America, including B2B, B2C and nonprofit marketers, rely on email marketing technology. But they’re also implementing other tools to help them manage and distribute content.

Marketing automation software, for example, has been gaining traction among marketers, and according to the CMI survey, 42% of respondents use it for their campaigns.

Marketing automation plays a big role in not only automating the distribution process, but also in enabling organizations to personalize content. Almost a third of email marketers worldwide surveyed in January 2017 by GetResponse said they use marketing automation technology for profile-based targeting—and a quarter of respondents use it to create dynamic content.

Digital asset management technology is also making its way into content marketers’ arsenals. According to the CMI survey, over a quarter of respondents use it, but its popularity may grow as AI strengthens and improves the technology.

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