Complications with 2 different girls



So I dated girl #1 a year ago, she was great but has some mental problems (Including an eating disorder and depression). she broke up with me after she told me she wanted to see this other guy, and she dated him for a while but he made her feel terrible, but I was broken-hearted she had cheated on me. we've talked a bit in the last 3 months as friends, the other day I was walking home late and she saw me and we ended up just talking about deep which led to us staying up till 3 just cuddling under the stars, I've always felt something for her but she really hurt me and we've talked about it multiple times and she swears she's changed but I don't know how I can exactly trust her. Girl #2 I've had a crush I've had a crush on for a while after we started hanging out occasionally turned regularly, her dad adores me and I know she likes me too, her dad has even personally told me that he would love if I dated his daughter. I've taken her out a few times but we haven't talked about dating because I told her before that I wasn't looking for a relationship then and she has diagnosed anxiety and I don't think she wants to risk talking about something she thinks she has the answer too.Girl 1 - I've dated before and she cheated on me, still have feelings for her, just generally fun to be around but as of now don't see a real relationship with her right now it just feels purely lusty at times though I know she does care about me, she still needs to mature a I guess, I still want to be friends with her though

 Thank you

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