Goal Achieve


A process goal like, “I am going to work harder,” cannot be easily assessed.  A goal that focusses on a change in work habits can be specific, such as “I will do my homework before playing video games.”

Strength goals focus on character assets we want to develop.  A strength goal such as, “I will be nicer to people,” is broad.  A goal such as, “I will not assume I know what someone is trying to say before the person has a chance to explain himself,” can be tied to specific situations as they arise.

Another important factor to remember about goals is that they should not be too hard—or, too easy.  Our children need to be challenged to achieve goals that are a little demanding.  Then, we need to provide the resources and support they need to reach those goals.

After goals are established, consider the obstacles you and your child may face.  Obstacles can be real-world, emotional, mental, physical, or some combination.  For each one, discuss how to get around, over, or through the obstacle in order to reach the goal

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