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 Due to injury I have been unable to train legs since march, and while I was originally convinced I could get back to training rather quickly and would not lose all my progress I find myself stuck in a slump. It took me exceptionally long to get diagnosed correctly. The current diagnose is a stress stress fracture in the right distal femur (tigh bone) right above the knee (the trochlea). However as I was originally diagnosed with Chondromalacia Patellae, my physical therapist gave me an exercise regimen that actually hindered my recovery. As I also have a rheumatic condition, walking around with this untreated injury left me with a full on flare and two weeks ago I had to stop training completely as both my elbows got inflamed (golfer's elbows) . I have since then been put back on methotrexate and am looking against a whole lot of recovery time and a lot of uncertainty on whether I will be able to come back at all. 

Currently my legs have already shrunk from 78 cm (30.7 inch) to 52 cm (20.47 inch) and my calves have shrunk from 46 cm (18.1 inch) to 37 cm (14.56 inch). My weight has stayed the same, meaning I got pretty fat (despite keeping my diet in check). 

I find it hard looking at my measly legs knowing all those hard training sessions and all the hard work I put in is now lost and I am dreading seeing a similar decline muscle mass in my upper body, especially since my doctor has also put me on cortisone (prednisolon). I feel I took being able to train for granted as I didn't even take a lot pictures over the course of the last five years, in which I was able to train largely without physiscal problems due to my rheumatic condition (spondylitis ankylosans). 

Thank you

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