How to stay motivated during injury watching your hard work wasting away

Due to injury I have been unable to train legs since march, and while I was originally convinced I could get back to training rather quickly and would not lose all my progress I find myself stuck in a slump. It took me exceptionally long to get diagnosed correctly. The current diagnose is a stress stress fracture in the right distal femur (tigh bone) right above the knee (the trochlea). However as I was originally diagnosed with Chondromalacia Patellae, my physical therapist gave me an exercise regimen that actually hindered my recovery. As I also have a rheumatic condition, walking around with this untreated injury left me with a full on flare and two weeks ago I had to stop training completely as both my elbows got inflamed (golfer's elbows) . I have since then been put back on methotrexate and am looking against a whole lot of recovery time and a lot of uncertainty on whether I will be able to come back at all. 

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