A Wish for Lily - assistance

I read through the terms and conditions, and I believe this is acceptable. If not, I apologize.
I have created a Go Fund Me page to help with the cost associated with my cat Lily's illness. She has a mass (lymphoma) in her colon, about 4cm x 1cm. There is no treatment. Our wish for Lily is to plan on keeping her as healthy and happy for as long as possible, then to peacefully and painlessly put her to sleep. I plan on doing this with regular vet visits and ultrasounds to help me make sure she is not in any discomfort. I am also going to use a medication that I've been told will help keep her quality of life better, even if only for a little bit. Lastly, I will need the funds to put her to sleep without having to suffer further. I will be posting this on multiple sites so I can drum up as much help as possible.

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