How to Hold Your Baby


I was recently asked how to hold a baby. This is an interesting question, because it's a reminder of how far we've come from intuitive parenting. If we could travel back in time to the Stone Age, and were to ask mothers and fathers this question, I'm sure they would be quite perplexed. Judging from historical trends and from modern-day observation of newly-discovered Stone Age tribes, these parents would be spending so much skin-to-skin time with their babies, they would have a first-hand knowledge of their baby's needs moment-to-moment. They would have even known (as many parents in so-called primitive societies still know) when their baby needed to pee! When asked how they know this, they are baffled, and ask in return, how do we know when we have to pee? Some modern-day parents are rediscovering this kind of beautiful awareness of their baby's needs, through elimination communication training.1

Parents who have this kind of connection will also know instinctively how to hold their baby, by staying alert to their baby's movements, breathing, and facial expressions, and by listening closely and respectfully, with a focus on determining their baby's unmet needs. Such parents would never waste time and energy wondering if they should respond to their baby's protests and tears; they would naturally and consistently give them the same loving respect they would want themselves when they had an urgent need.

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