Introducing the PetCone


We'd like to introduce you to the new design for feeding your pet and also welcome you to the PetCone family....
As pet owners we put a lot of thought into what we feed our pets. Have we thought about the manner in which we feed them?
After spending a lot of time with our family pet I had come to notice he was fighting to get every bit of his food, which got me to thinking...
We had put so much into our family member, things like the proper balanced diet. A balance of exercise with walks and play and as love as the family could give (which nowhere near the love he was giving us) Yet when it came to meal time he would have to chase around his bowl just to complete his meal. 
This got me to thinking about the fact that we needed a new way of feeding him. After much thought about shapes. There it was we needed something that kept his food centered. It was as clear as day.... And we introduce you to the PetCone. 
A series of new designs that we think your pet will love and enjoy eating and drinking from. 

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