Help Control Cat Population


Let me start by saying I am not the type of person to ask for charity so this is difficult. 

I love animals! I also live in an area where cats who have been abandoned or are feral are plentiful. When I see an animal in need it is my instinct to do whatever I can to help them. Over the years I have sheltered, fed, vaccinated, tamed, and rehomed numerous cats but the one thing I never have the means to do is spay/neuter them. Without spaying/neutering the cycle will continue. Many people just say taking them to the local animal shelter is the answer but my local animal shelter euthanizes hundreds upon hundreds of cats a year which I cannot subject cats I love so much to. Every dollar donated will help tremendously and is guaranteed to go towards the spaying/neutering of a precious feline. Please contact me by private message on this forum for more details of how to donate.


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