Please help us to save animal shelter

Hey guys, 

I know that this is not very polite for me to go on a forum with 0 post and ask for something, but i hope that Administration would approve this thread. 
We are a group of people, living in a distant country of Kazakhstan. We have a horrible situation with homeless animals living on city streets. There are 9 members in our group, all animal fans, each of has several adopted pets. We've grown tired of seeing what happens to animals living on the streets and we've decided to make a difference. We found an abandoned animal shelter outside of city limits and we want to restore it. We've launched legalization process with our city administration. We tried to find someone to help us with the construction here in Kazakstan, but we've found none. People don't seem to care at all. So we have decided to launch a campaign on Indiegogo, we've seen that crowdfunding can make miracles sometimes and we really want this miracle to happen. 

​I did not find the right solution from the internet.


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