Animals Cry for Help

Man is perhaps the only animal who ill-treats and even kills other animals for his pleasure. He destroys their natural habitats and ruthlessly kills animals for their skin, bones and meat, although he is not a meat- eater by nature and holds life sacred.

Did anyone know that countless animals and birds are killed, mutilated or decapitated in the name of scientific experiments, testing and research?

Rats, rabbits, birds and monkeys are not only kept in cramped and over-crowded cages but also subjected to ruthless treatment in a cold-blooded way in laboratories. The poor silent souls cannot even express the pain suffering they are subjected to. Most of them die premature, painful and unnatural deaths. Many people do not understand that the animals too have a life, they too have the right to freedom.

Now the question arises in a human mind i. e. "Why should we care about them?!! They are neither our relatives nor have blood relations with us, so why the hell we should think about them." This is the biggest mistake which me make, we forget that like God has made us in the same way animals are also made by God. They have equal rights to us but still we violate their rights.

Circuses, zoos, road shows, cattle and bird markets are also death traps for these hapless creatures. Monkeys, bears and parrots are ill-treated by circus people and road side showmen to make money by showing their tricks and antics. Bulls, horses, mules, camels and donkeys are made to carry heavy loads.

Children can play an important role in stopping this cruelty to animals. They must joins to create world-wide awareness for the ethical and humane treatment of animals. They can join protests and rallies against animal testing and launch signature campaigns for this purpose. Also they must refuse to buy animal products or products which have been tested on animals. They should make the animals free from zoos and cages and support animals and start environment conservation programs. Children of the world, animals cry for your help. They cannot survive without your support.

Thank You!!!

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