TensorFlow in your browser using JavaScript. js

If you want to explore machine learning, you can now write applications that train and deploy TensorFlow in your browser using JavaScript. We know what you are thinking. That has to be slow. Surprisingly, it isn’t, since the libraries use Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) acceleration. Of course, that assumes your browser can use your GPU. There are several demos available, include one where you train a Pac Man game to respond to gestures in your webcam to control the game. If you try it and then disable accelerated graphics in your browser options, you’ll see just what a speed up you can gain from the GPU.


The documentation and tutorials can help you get started. In its simplest form, though, it is pretty easy to do simple things. Just to get you started, we put together something very simple: a network that learns how to estimate what ten times some number equals. It isn’t the most amazing demo, but if you learn by reading code, it is somewhere to start.

The flow is pretty simple. First, we load the library from a content delivery server: