When using various flavors of the internet, such as web pages, social networks, or email, we often get annoyed by unwanted ads. Banners, videos, pop-ups – all of it is trying to attract our attention to goods and services that more often than not we either don’t need at all, or don’t need at that time.

The Ubex ad exchange, through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology, changes this game! Instead of annoying ads, we now only receive information that is relevant, useful, and timely.

Here is how it works.

Within a split second of a user accessing a publisher’s website, neural networks do the following:
• Collect maximum information about both the site and the user, analyzing their current interests and needs;
• Gather a list of ads that would appeal to the user the most, and ultimately select the one that is the most relevant and financially beneficial;
• Determine the best format and the most appropriate placement for the ad on the website, based on the strategy of maximizing results.

Users now much more eagerly respond to advertisements, which leads to an increased number of purchases.

This is how Ubex makes life easier not only for the users of the internet but also for advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers no longer need to hire marketing experts or waste money on testing different advertising channels which may prove to be ineffective. Neural networks automatically weed them out, selecting only the most optimal distribution of ad content among suitable websites.

Publishers no longer need to worry about filling ad slots or low ad returns. This burden is taken over by the Artificial Intelligence. Every slot is filled with the most relevant advertising content at any given moment in time. This results in higher earnings for publishers.

Ubex operates in a distributed, decentralized environment, based on the blockchain technology. This ensures transparency of operations for all participants.

Blockchain stores all necessary data for the artificial intelligence learning, as well as information on publishers’ sites, ad content, offers, history of the participants and their reputation.

As our participants’ reputation grows, their earnings grow as well.
Advertisers with a good reputation will have their ads displayed more often and on better terms. Plus, they will be trusted to use the performance-based compensation, and only pay, for example, for actual requests from potential customers or only for concluded sales.

If a publisher has a good reputation, their ad slots will be filled with the most profitable ads. On top of that, they will be able to productively tokenize their websites by receiving UBEX tokens in advance for future periods.

Smart contracts and Ubex internal tokens will keep the middlemen and their fees out of the equation.

Ultimately, advertisers reduce expenses associated with selling goods and services, and as a result gain an opportunity to lower their prices.

Within the Ubex ecosystem, ads are relevant for users, effective for advertisers, and profitable for publishers.


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