million-dollar home in Fountain Hills, Arizona stinks

A cat rescue volunteer has been arrested on 18 counts of animal cruelty after sheriff's deputies found at least 50 cats inside her million-dollar home in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Sharon Weber, 55, was taken into custody after police received two anonymous tips that she was hoarding animals at the home.

Weber, spends her spare time as a rescue volunteer for All About Animals, had been warned by cops on two previous occasions to reduce the number of cats in her home.

One deputy who has investigated numerous homicides and meth labs has described conditions and the smell inside Weber’s home as unlike anything he has ever encountered.

‘The stench from the cat urine and feces was so unbearable, we considered calling a hazmat team to clear the area,’ Dave Evans said.

‘It was far worse than any homicide scene I've investigated.’

Evans said when he and other investigators walked through the house, ‘we were walking through literally two feet of feces.’.

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