How to Prepare For The First Day of School

1 Complete your school supply list. If you missed orientation and you need a list, contact your school to obtain a list for the upcoming year. Visit your office supply store and start shopping. Many supplies on your school supply list are essential throughout the school year, but do not condone yourself to buying everything all at once. Folders for use in class (that won't be collected by multiple teachers) can usually be used for more than one subject, which can save you money and valuable bag and/or locker space. Follow the suggestions below on what to get.
One spiral or composition notebook for each subject.
One Folder, labeled with the classes you'll need it for such as Math, Reading, Social Studies/History and Science. Get a bring home folder as well for bring home notices or test grades.
Pencils, most comfortably #2
Ball point pens, erasable pens, and red pens
Colored pencils
One sturdy binder
Highlighter and Post-Its
A pencil pouch or box
Computer Paper
Filler Paper. Most Schools say College-Ruled, but get any kind you like. ( Or Graph paper if you have Algebra, Physics, etc. )
Hand Sanitizer
Flash Drive

2Continue learning in the summer. Just because the summer means no school doesn't mean you should stop learning. Try to read throughout the summer to keep your mind fresh and, if possible, go over a few notes or subjects that you have trouble with or may have forgotten. It also helps because the curricula in your next grade might be tougher.

3 Empty out your closet a week before school starts. Try everything on or judge it wisely. Get rid if anything you won't wear or will never wear again, anything that's outdated or anything that's too small.

4 Even if you have acne or a few pimples, don't let that stop you. Develop a Skin Regime. Cleansers and toners should help even out your skin tone. Clean & Clear and Clinique® have great products, and if you're still self-conscious about the acne or pimples you can try to cover it up with makeup.

5 Plan the outfits you're going to wear during the first week of school. Doing this will ease the stress of the first day. Try to correctly interpret your school's dress code and wear an appropriate outfit. Below are some guidelines for things you should buy when you go school clothes shopping to avoid disappointment and a clothes meltdown before school.
Have a budget planned. A good suggestion is between $50 and $100; if your parents would prefer for your budget to be more or less, then go for it.
Try to look nice; but be sure to stick with your style. You don't want to have a fancy outfit for the first day and then show up the next day with a style totally different. That would just be weird. Don't let anybody tell you exactly what to wear the first day. You'll probably feel better if you wear your favorite jeans or shorts you love and add a brand new top or a bold accessory. Wear what feels comfortable so you will look and feel confident.
If your school has uniforms, try buying school-friendly accessories to go with your uniform, but if your school says not to wear bracelets or necklaces, don't risk it. It's not worth having your possessions confiscated even if it's just for a few hours.

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