How America went mad for the iPhone 6: From the Big Apple to Silicon Valley, maps show social media explosion around launch of new smartphone juggernaut

It was always going to be one of the biggest technology launches the world had ever seen - with Apple superfans queuing round the block - and the next block - for their longed-for iPhone 6.
And now the anticipation of the endless lines, the drama of the final purchase, and jubilation in the streets can be seen mapped in exact detail onto the streets of America.
Even the grumbles of those walking past the queue without getting a slice of the smartphone action can be seen - and the longing of those stuck in work - thanks to a system that organizes social media posts mentioning the launch and pins them to their location.

Apple stores in prominent locations, such as the SoHo and Fifth Avenue locations in New York City, have been marked on the map, and are unsurprisingly swamped by iPhone-related commentary.
Other hubs of activity can be seen in major cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Atlanta, again clustered around Apple store locations.
In Palo Alto, California, the conversation is dominated by the surprise appearance of Apple CEO Tim Cook, who arrived from his home in the town to greet fans as they unboxed their new phones.


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