The new #iBent6 - Internet jokers ridicule Apple\'s \'flexible\' new iPhone as #BentGate rages on

#BentGate, #BendGate, and #BendGhazi are trending on Twitter
Hashtags refer to controversy over bent iPhone 6 Plus handsets
Users have created hilarious spoof adverts and images of bent phones
Thin design and aluminium casing of the larger phone causes the issue
An Apple support employee has said the firm may replace bent devices
Apple has not yet provided any comment on the reports
Earlier this month, the internet jokers took aim at the Apple Watch

Apple has been the subject of countless internet spoofs this month following the release of its new watch - and now the jokers are taking aim at the firm's 'flexible' iPhone 6 Plus.
Over the last 24 hours, #BentGate, #BendGate, and #BendGhazi have been trending on Twitter.
The social media storm is surrounding claims that Apple’s latest handsets change shape when placed in the pocket of a tight pair of jeans.
And while Apple has remained silent on the issue, the world has decided to give its amusing take on the controversy with spoof photos - that have now gone viral.

Meanwhile, a post about an iPhone 6 repair kit shows a photo of a simple wooden rolling pin to iron out the kinks.
Another anonymous user created an advert for Apple with the strapline: 'Not just a bigger display. A bendable display.'
The advert goes on to say: 'It's one thing to make a bigger display. It's something else entirely to make a bigger bendable display with brilliant colours and higher contract at even extreme viewing angles.
'But that's exactly what we did with the new Retina HDB display*.
'*Viewing angles may vary from pocket to pocket.'


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