Joe\'s Crab Shack - Six children aged 2-8 almost finished vodka, rum and grenadine cocktails served to them by mistake -

Paramedics were called to a Colorado fish restaurant that accidentally served rum and vodka cocktails to six children aged two to eight.
The cousins all ordered Shark Nibbles from the kids' menu - a sweet blue soft drink that comes with a toy shark.
But it was not until they had all drunk a 'significant amount' 30 minutes later that the waitress rushed back saying they were 'made with the wrong ingredients'.
The two-year-old girl had finished her entire drink.

It transpired the bartender appeared to have mistaken the order for a Shark Bite cocktail, made from Bacardi Limon Rum, Skyy Vodka, blue curacao, and 'a dangerous dose of grenadine'.
When one of the girls started feeling ill, paramedics were called.

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