The iCracked site offers on-demand repairs for Apple and Samsung devices. Repairs take up to an hour and are each covered by a lifetime warranty. Prices vary, depending on the phone and the damage, but as a guide, a cracked screen on an iPhone 5 costs £80, which includes the engineer's time, the display and the warranty

Almost a third of us have smashed a phone screen, dropped it in the toilet or damaged the case, and getting it fixed can be a long, tedious and expensive affair - until now.
The iCracked site offers on-demand repairs for Apple and Samsung devices using a network of more than 1,000 certified tech experts and engineers.
Users can order a so-called iTech to come to their home, office or even a nearby coffee shop - and repairs are carried out on the spot.
In particular, 57 per cent of young professionals, between 18 and 44, in London have damaged a handset.
The value of a fully functioning smartphone is most evident in the 18 to 24 age group however, who consider damaging their mobile phone as much of a disruption to their daily lives as getting the flu.
A.J. Forsythe, iCracked co-founder, said: ‘For most people, their phones are an extension of themselves, so when it breaks it can have a huge impact on their everyday lives.
‘I’m determined to bring the iCracked service to as many people as possible in the UK.
‘With trained iTechs on the streets of London capable of repairing iPhones in minutes, no longer will damaging a smartphone spell the end of a night out, or separate people with their loved ones, and their emails, for days on end.’
iCracked also provides a buy-back service for old devices.
This is expected to launch in the UK in 2015, following the successful roll-out of the on-demand and mail-order repair services.


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