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As a mother of two little ones, keeping up with work and home was challenging as any other mother can relate to. So when I was invited to a Christian Women's retreat, my intention was not to search for God but rather an opportunity to get some rest from home. That weekend would change my life. After I came back home, I started to have dreams and told my husband, “I can't remember what I dreamed about, but I know it is something sensational that hasn’t been invented yet. He advised me to write down my dreams the next time they came to me.

A couple of nights later around 3:00am I woke up and said in an ecstatic panic, “I GOT IT!". It was so real I could not sleep any longer and went straight into my closet looking for the right material. From there, I stayed up until 7:00am sewing, and piecing together our first prototype created with both fashion and comfort in mind. What a miracle! This is my incredible true story on how my first High Heel Wraps came into existence. God is amazing and when you put your faith in him, your dreams and your heart's desires will become a reality.

Thank you for believing in our products and it is blessing to have you as a customer. Please let us know what you think, because your opinion counts, and your voice matters!

Angelica Alas

Alas Designs is changing the way women Feel about Heels! We have solved the problem of how to make high heels more comfortable with our new Enhanced Comfort High Heel Wraps with padded insoles. Our fashionably functional High Heel Wraps will give your shoe a stylish new look with the added benefit of comfort and support. Use your High Heel Wraps with the strap or without. Created with both a heel cushion and a padded insole, now you can accessorize with comfort, confidence, and style.

Not only will your feet feel great, but your heels will look incredible! Our High Heel Wraps will transform your closet into limitless, imaginative possibilities. Every shoe can now a have unique look specific to each occasion. The dynamic design not only punctuates your shoes, but also gives your heels an unprecedented level of protection with the unique heel cover. Whether that occasion is business, casual, or a night out you can now accessorize with the comfort you have always desired, and still make heads turn..

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