Could 2015 be the year of domestic robots and 3D printed food? Futurologist claims technology has reached a \'tipping point\'

A smart home full of devices connected to each other, as well as domestic robots are closer than we think, according to one futurologist.
This year has seen a rush in the popularity of smart gadgets, with items like 3D printers and smart thermostats making it onto Christmas lists for the first time.
The trend is a sign of the way technology will accelerate in 2015, according to London-based futurologist Dr James Bellini.

In a country dominated by 'kawaii' - or cute culture - Japan has embraced the rise of cuddly robots.
Earlier this year, one Tokyo-based firm has unveiled what it believes to be the world's first droid that can read human emotions.
Mobile carrier Softbank said its robot, named Pepper, will go on sale in Japan in February for 198,000 yen (£1,130 or $1,900).
The machine, which has no legs, but has gesticulating hands appeared on a stage in a Tokyo suburb, cooing and humming.
Pepper uses an 'emotional engine' and a cloud-based artificial intelligence to study gestures, expressions and human speech tones.
The 48-inch (121 cm) tall, 62 lb (28 kg) white Pepper has no hair, but two large doll-like eyes and a flat-panel display stuck on its chest.
It was developed jointly with Aldebaran Robotics, which designs, produces and sells autonomous humanoid robots.


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