Rich Kids of Instagram post their party pics from magnums of champagne to parties on yachts and private planes

It is a global celebration of lavish proportions.
And if anyone is built for the challenge, it's these unapologetically wealthy teenagers.
New Year's Eve will see millions of people wrapping up for fireworks displays, clinking champagne flutes, or perhaps puckering up for a midnight kiss.
The Rich Kids Of Instagram, however, will not suffer such simplicity as they greet 2015.

A sunsoaked yacht ride is one of the more popular choices among the social media stars.
Their followers have been treated to gleaming photos of two girls in bikinis and sunglasses kneeling in front of the clear blue ocean.

One girl lets followers in on her dilemma picking what to wear: which of the hundreds of shoes - mostly Louboutins - should she choose?
Getting the subway to your house party? That pales in comparison to the dazzling gold Lamborghini one teen has wheeled out for the night.
Got your bottle of prosecco ready to pop? Feast your eyes on the magnums of champagne and cigars these kids are wielding.
Prepared for the night, one of the Instagrammers shared a picture of their two American Express cards - taken from inside a Porsche.

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