Student of the Week: “Over time I realized coding is a skill that many envy and many can obtain.”

12th grade
Clayton, OH

Spencer already has 24 college CS credits. He won a Java competition out of students from all over his home state. He’s even upgrading code for his school. Basically, he’s done a lot with code that’s pretty impressive, but the important thing is this:

“Before I ever tried it, I thought coding is a skill that few can obtain, and many envy,” he said. “Over time I realized it’s a skill that many envy and many can obtain. It always seemed to me that there was always someone with more knowledge than me, so I kept learning.”

What should a student who’s just starting out keep in mind?
Through the power of technology, the impossible has become possible.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve made with code?
Something I hand-coded to solve a specific problem. I found a puzzle on the internet called the lock-combination puzzle. I spent an entire day of my summer devising an algorithm and writing a Java program to solve it. It was a great feeling of accomplishment when the console finally spit out the answer after less than a second of calculation.

What’s next for you?
I’m planning to make a game that teaches the player programming logic and how to code. That is my project to complete for my senior year.

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