iPhone 7 with a glowing logo

The new MacBook is impressive, but it was missing one thing: the Apple logo on the back no longer glows. We want more glowing logos, Apple! Not fewer!

At least, that's the opinion of the folks at German website Computer-Bild. Its video of an iPhone 7 concept features a glowing Apple logo on the back — a feature no iPhone has ever sported.

As far as concepts go, this one is quite realistic; it appears like a slightly more polished variant of the iPhone 6. The dual camera on the back is not protruding from the case, and the home button — which doubles as a fingerprint scanner — is a part of the phone's screen. Unlike the iPhone 6's screen, this imagined one extends to the edges of the device, which would be another welcome change in the next iPhone.

Of course, just because a concept exists does not mean any of its features will ever actually come to light. But one can dream. You can find a full explanation from Computer-Bild, with details in German, here.


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