Things to do after a Job Interview

Waiting to hear back after a job interview can be the most frustrating thing. Especially if you’re excited about an opportunity, it’s difficult to just sit on your hands and not do anything. So the question is what you should do after the job interview.

Check out our top 5 tips on what to do after the job interview!

1 – To follow up or not to follow up – that is the question.
We established that job interviews can be a bit like a first date. Let us stick with the metaphor – if you go on a first date with someone and you don’t hear from them after, what would you think? Following up ensures a potential employer that you are just as interested in the opportunity as you were before you met the company.

2 – It’s the little things.
Many employers interview a number of people in one sitting. To ensure you are kept at the forefront of the hiring manager’s mind, send a quick thank you email after the interview. Reiterate your interest and thank the hiring manager for meeting with you. It’s a small gesture that could go a long way when it comes to making you stand out from the crowd!

If you haven’t got a direct email address for the hiring manager, don’t be afraid to send a message to the recruiter and ask them to forward it.

3 – Don’t be presumptuous.
Some candidates think it’s a good idea to connect with the hiring manager on LinkedIn after an interview. In reality, sending a connection request to the hiring manager or other employees of the company can come across as though you presumed you got the position and therefore send the wrong message. Wait until you received feedback to connect!

4 – Think ahead.
There is a fine line between being eager and being too eager. A good way to ensure your follow up doesn’t come across as pestering is by asking about the hiring timeline at the end of your job interview. If you know the company was looking to make a decision by a specific date and you haven’t heard back by then, it’s reasonable to send another email following up.

5 – Be friendly.
Keep your emails short and polite. Word your message along the lines of “I believe you mentioned that you were hoping to have a final decision made by the end of the month so I wanted to follow up to see where you are in the process.”

Bonus: This email is also a good opportunity to show your continuing interest by ending your email with a mention of any recent news/blogs by or about the company.

The key is to be persistent but not pushy. Show you’re excited about the opportunity but don’t bombard the hiring manager with messages. And if you do all of the above and still don’t hear back, it’s time to move on and apply for other jobs. You may never find out whether someone else got hired or the company decided not to hire anyone after all but if you’re proactive and apply for multiple jobs, you up your chances of getting an offer!

And should you hear back and find out you didn’t get the job, just remember it’s not the end of the world!

Good luck!


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