Tools & Tutorials to Improve Your Performance on Bing

Keeping all your search marketing efforts inclined towards Google, might making you miss out on Bing. Even Bing comprises a prominent place in SEO world, in fact around 20 percent of searches take place on Bing every day. The Bing Webmaster Tools proposes a full suite of tools and effectual tutorials in order to optimize your website for the search engine.

Here we have listed some of the effective tools for different ranking factors such as keywords, sitemaps, crawl controls, tags and much more.

Bing Webmaster Tools

SEO Analyzer – With this tool, you can check if your web page follows the best practices of search engine optimization or not. Alongside, it provides a report on-demand highlighting all the issues available on your page and also provides suitable recommendations.

Bing Keyword Research – You will get the ideas about keywords along with some suggestions related to your content. The provided suggestions are based on organic search, but not on paid search and advertising data.

SEO Reports – This Webmaster tool generates reports automatically every other week. Following the same set of SEO best practices and on-demand SEO analyzer tool, the SEO reports will be generated for all the websites registered in your webmaster account.

Crawl Control – This feature is available in the Configure My Site section enabling you to control the speed at which Bingbot generates requests for your web pages and resources. With this, you signal the Bingbot to crawl your web pages faster or slower as compared to the normal crawl rate.

Bing Markup Validator – It enables you to verify the markup that you have appointed to your web pages. Also, it provides an on-demand report showing the discovered markup such as HTML microdata, microformats, RDF markup, Open Graph and

Mobile Friendliness Test Tool – Using this tool, you can verify that your website is mobile-friendly or not. By making your web pages mobile-friendly you can increase the user engagement even on the mobile devices. On the other hand, it can also help you rank better in Bing’s search results.

Bing Sitemaps – With this tool, you submit a sitemap that makes Bing identify all the things available at your site. Inside your Bing Webmaster Tool’s account, you can submit the sitemap directly from your dashboard. SEO Consultancy Services make you use this tool in an effective manner.

Verify Bingbot – It checks those requests that are coming from Bingbots, whether they are coming from genuine IP addresses or not!

Bing Webmaster Help & How-To Center

Getting Started Checklist – In case you are working with Bing for the first time, then this checklist can help you get started. Register for an account, list your website, verify your site, upload the sitemaps and work on a search optimization plan.

Verify Ownership for your Website – It comprises three ownership verification approaches. Select an appropriate option and strictly follow the instructions.

How to Manage Deep Links – “Deep Links” are available just below the top-rated search results, revealing the additional content available on the website. Although, you can’t add the deep links, but you can block those specific URLs that you don’t want to be listed as deep links within the search results.

Link Building – When working on links, keep in mind that Bing considers the quality links that are pointing to your website. Check the ideas that build your quality links and ignore those broken-down links that fall short.

Bing Video Feed Guidelines – In case your site is having videos, then provide video feeds to Bing as any generic sitemaps. Also, make sure that Bing is aware of all your video-related content which includes metadata information such as thumbnail location, title, video location and others.

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