Am I correct in understanding the entire competition is done on-site?

Everything is provided for the weekend.  The registration fee covers food and t-shirts for the weekend.  Thanks to our sponsors, we are able get these costs as low as possible, and provide prizes for the top teams and as door prizes for spectators.  In addition, we have amassed a collection of tools for the competitors to use.  Each team is given a team kit with necessary supplies (like motors) and some basic tools (drill, etc.).  We also have a junk room where we keep less common tools, or tools that we don't have enough to give to each team.  The junk room also has all of the junk and supplies that competitors will need to make their robot.  We supply the control system, so there isn't any programming or wiring required, so the competitors only need to make something that moves using the motors we provide and make an attachment to perform the tasks that are required for the competition.  Tasks include picking things up, moving things, knocking things over, etc.

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