First multi-purpose offshore patrol ship for the Italian Navy

The ship is part of the renewal plan of the operational lines of the Italian Navy unofficially called ‘Legge Navale’. The overall project involves the construction of 11 units, seven PPAs (Italian Navy’s original project asks for 10 PPAs), one multi-purpose amphibious unit (LHD or Landing Helicopter Dock), one logistic support unit (LSS or Logistic Support Ship) and a couple of multi-purpose fast craft (Unità Polifunzionali ad Alta Velocità; UNPAV) for the Special Forces (Gruppo Operativo Incursori; GOI). 

These Multi-purpose Offshore Patrol Ships are highly modular and, starting from a common hull and superstructures, will be completed in three basic configurations: ‘Light’, ‘Light Plus’ and ‘Full Combat’. These versions are marked by different armament and sensor suite. The PPAs “Light” have an armament only based on artillery (127 mm, 76 mm and 25 mm guns) and a main X-band AESA radar while the PPA ‘Light Plus’ keeps the artillery of the ‘Light’ version adding a local area air defence system based on ASTER missiles and a C-band AESA radar. The main feature of the PPA ‘Full Combat’ is an advanced dual band AESA radar operating in X-band and C-band giving this version an anti-ballistic capability while the rest of the armament is similar to the ‘Light Plus’ configuration. 

For More Refrence: Fire Suppression System Video



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