There's A New Beastcast 100th Anniversary Shirt In The Store!

Well, it's a banner day in New York when the Giant Beastcast manages to hit its 100th episode. To celebrate this monumental milestone, we've commissioned a very special shirt: the Giant Beastcast 100th Anniversary Shirt. The name is a bit of a stretch, sure, but we like to take risks around here. Available in white and white, this luxury piece of merchandise is available for sale now over .

Also, in a weird technical note, there have been issues lately with support emails that are sent to both support at and orders at It's a weird situation, honestly: we use for our support ticket tracking, and they apparently use When someone emails both email addresses at the same time with one of the addresses in the CC field, the ticketing systems barf all over each other and sometimes the email addresses of the

 original sender will get chucked out into the ether.

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