How long can I go without a Finance/Accounting Officer?

My small business (temping and errands service) is 3 years old and for the first 2.5 years I (just barely!) have managed everything to do with finance, invoicing, collections, salary, taxes, admin and licensing myself, all the while also handling client requests, coordinating projects and managing the temps. 

Finally a few months ago I felt we could afford a money person and was able to bring in someone I had worked with before at another company who was waiting for me to be able to "afford her." It was a rocky start as shortly after starting she fell sick, then after recovering had a couple of family emergencies, but finally she was with us consistently and I could feel the pressure being lifted as she worked on bringing in owed money quicker while I could focus on our products and services, and even better, I was able to walk out the door at 5pm to do "normal" after hours things like cook, exercise and spend time with my family. After about a couple of months of consistent work she found out that an application she had put in to migrate with her family to another country had been approved, and they made plans to depart within 2 months time. 

It has been about 2 months since she left and I am back to wearing all hats and falling behind on work. We had identified someone who does temping with us to replace her and said temp is keen and had accepted the offer, the only problem is the client project we have the temp on keeps getting extended. It was meant to have been over 2 months ago but it looks like it will go on for another 3 months, and there is every chance at the end of the 3 months they will extend it a further 3 months. At this stage we cannot say no to them as they are one of our best clients and we are reliant on them for an income.

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