10 Camping Tricks That Will Make Your Head Spin

Wrap Meat in Cabbage Leaves While Cooking
When making the shopping list for camp, don't forget to put cabbage on it. Cabbage can be used as a moist and tasty vessel for cooking your meat over a fire. If you want even faster cooking, wrap the meat and cabbage in foil and toss it right in the flame.

Pizza in a Pie Iron
Create a new pizza tradition. Take a pie iron and use it to create pizzas and even deserts over the fire. Pie irons can provide even heating and allow for an open fire crisp to be added to your pizza.

Make Camping Shower out of Two Liter Bottle
Reduce, recycle, and reuse and stay clean. Make sure to include an empty, clean two liter bottle in your camping gear. Add a vent tube to the bottle and you have a handheld camping shower.

Keeping Seasonings in Straws
One way to ensure that you still have flavorful food is to keep all of your seasonings, wet and dry, in straws. You will need straws and pen caps to complete this. Once the straws are filled and capped, they will last as long as you need.

Pre-make Food and Vacuum Seal It
Save time at the camp ground and pre-make food at home. Once the meal is prepared, vacuum seal it to protect it and ensure flavor until use. Open the packets with either a knife or scissors and prepare over the fire.

Pack Bandanas
Pack bandanas in your backpack. These items can be used for various things, including creating cooling devices. They can even be used for first aid if needed. They are lightweight, so bring as many as needed to keep all members of the group comfortable.

Use a Clothes Pillow
Even when sleeping outdoors, pillows can help create a comfortable environment. Instead of bringing a traditional pillow, pack a pillow case and some extra clothing including some thick sweatshirts.

Use Greasy Foods if Kindling Is Wet
Nothing is more important when spending time outside then a fire. It will keep you warm as well as provide a light source and cooking source. If you bring kindling and it gets wet because of a rainstorm, open the nearest bag of greasy chips.

Swing Legs to Warm Feet
Cold feet are not only an uncomfortable situation, but can become a potentially problematic health condition. In order to keep your feet comfortable, warm them by swinging your legs.

Create a Natural Mosquito Repellant
No one wants to be bitten by a mosquito, the bites itch and the bugs may carry disease. When outdoors, crush the leaves of an elderberry bush and rub the liquid against your skin.


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