UAS detection market booms

The number of companies offering unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) detection solutions has increased dramatically over the past year. A recent market report estimates that the anti-drone market will grow to almost $1.85bn by 2024. 

Detection represents only one end of the current investment and development focus within the wider counter-UAS market as the business for countermeasures – physically stopping or removing the UAS – is also a key concern for anyone dealing with the security of vulnerable sites and infrastructure. 

The latter remains a difficult market to conquer owing to vast difference and change in global UAS mitigation regulations. The US Federal Aviation Administration, for example, changed its regulations in 2016 but intends for this to encourage commercial use of the devices rather than curtail it. Meanwhile, consensus in European Union states has yet to be reached and in light of the UK’s vote to leave the EU, the UK will also be reassessing its laws. 

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