Defence firms need 'simpler' cyber security solutions

The defence industry would be best served by maintaining ‘simplicity’ when dealing with increasingly complex cyber threats, say security experts

When it comes to managing highly sensitive information, the defence industry undoubtedly sits in the top bracket of at-risk sectors. 

From the leak of personal details and correspondence through private companies like Stratfor and Niteworks, to the hacking of intellectual property on major programmes run by Lockheed Martin and Boeing, there is no sign of respite from hackers seeking compromising data. This week’s headlines are even spilling details on attempts to break into US voting machine manufacturers.

In spite of these enormous risks, the defence industry is notorious for being – compared to other commercial industries – slow to meet the rapid developments in the digital world. The information security sector is, in contrast, fast-paced and ever-changing. So can defence firms close the gap in time or will the gulf eventually become too vast to bridge? 

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