Hellenic Navy may buy Kongsberg defence systems

The Norwegian system was presented to the Navy at the beginning of the year by the representatives of Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace AS. 

In January, the Norwegian Ministry of Defence sent a representative to Athens as part of the government’s support for Kongsberg’s campaign to win the Greek contract. The company has been trying to sell the NSM system to Greece since 2014. 

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The total cost of the programme is estimated to be 100-120 million euros and the two new batteries will replace or supplement the two existing Exocet MM-40 Block II coastal defence missile batteries bought from France in 1992 and 1993, respectively.   

The French missile has a range of 4km to 70km, and uses an INS/GPS system as initial guidance and an active radar homing system at the final phase. 

NSM, a fifth-generation long-range precision strike missile, offers a longer range of up to 200km and a more effective guidance system. It uses a passive dual-band Intelligent Imaging Infra-Red seeker at the final phase of flight that can detect and discriminate targets. 

The missile is equipped with an in-flight data link system and an Autonomous Target Recognition system that ensures accurate detection and striking of sea or land-based targets. 

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