Create the Perfect Acne-Prone Skin Care Routine

A good acne skin care routine is so important for blemish-prone skin. A daily skin care regimen helps remove excess oil, keeps pores clear, and speeds healing of breakouts.

But your daily acne skin care routine doesn't need to take a lot of time — just a few minutes twice a day. Follow the guidelines below to help keep your skin feeling refreshed and clean.

The best part? No need to buy expensive products.

Use what you have in your bathroom right now.

Step 1: Cleanse Gently, but Well.

Using only your fingertips or a soft washcloth (no rough scrubbing pads, please) thoroughly cleanse the face, including your jawline, neck, and in front of and behind the ears.

Make sure you're using the right cleanser for your skin. An over-the-counter acne treatment wash is a good choice if you have mild breakouts. Pick one that contains either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

If you're using any prescription acne medications, you'll need a gentle, non-medicated cleanser instead.  Unscented Dove, Cetaphil, or the old school amber Neutrogena bar are all good choices.

If you wear face makeup, or if your skin gets extra dirty or sweaty during the day (like if you play on a sports team or after you work out) do a double wash at night: cleanse, rinse well, and repeat.

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