Trilateral Symposium brings together junior officer from three nations

USAG YONGSAN - Junior officers from the Republic of Korea, United States and Japan armed forces met during a trilateral symposium event, April 12.

The goal was to create a better understanding of each nation's military including operational terms, concepts, education and roles in the Asia-Pacific region. 

"The purpose of the trilateral symposium was to extend and share information on officers' leadership, duties, and responsibilities to foster a better relationship for future endeavors," said Lt. Col. Kim, Yang Tae, escort officer with the Republic of Korea Army Headquarters. 

The symposium was one part of the ROK-Japan Junior Officer Exchange Program. During the one-week event, the participants visited military schools, a live-fire range and toured the Demilitarized Zone.

Since 2012, the ROK and Japanese forces have invited U.S. junior officers from Eighth Army to explain their daily operations, customs and roles of the U.S. Army. in the Northeast Asian region.

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