Is the best alternative to other networks?

Hello, I was searching for an alternative network to monetize my site, I used Chitika, bidvertiser etc.. just wanted to try something new… My friend suggested me to get registered on using his referral link (so he is earning money with widgets on my site :) )

And here are my remarks:

Visitors are fed up with banners of well-known networks that repeat on each site, and offers completely different widgets. This means you probably will get more clicks.

CTR is higher than Adsense, because people got used to these Adsense banners and don’t click on them

Sometimes delay in tech support.

Sites with a small traffic are allowed (that’s is a big ADVANTAGE compared to big networks that accept websites with 500K and more traffic), but CPC is a little bit low

What’s interesting: their ads are compatible with your other partners’ ads. By the way, Taboola doesn’t allow such experiments and normally they want to occupy all possible spaces on your site.

Payments can be arranged before payout time for some circumstances.

They are young and try to win the market and that’s why they have friendly customer support.

So, I just wanna say, Adnow offers flexible conditions. In the beginning, I was a little bit afraid by negative reviews, but I decided to try and don’t complain. I think sometimes few mistakes happen to ‘green’ companies’, but time passes and usually they work on their bugs. For me, it was a pleasant experience.

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