Baby Driver' movie review: A high-style, highly entertaining thrill ride

"For the record, it's important to note that ""Baby Driver"" is not a sequel to last spring's animated kiddie toon ""Boss Baby"" -- or of any other movie about talking infants, for that matter. Anyone who loads the kids into the Family Truckster and heads to the theater under that assumption stands to be disappointed.

But they will probably be the only ones.

That's because while it's got far too much gunplay and tough talk to be a kiddie toon, ""Baby Driver,"" the latest film from ""Shaun of the Dead"" and ""Scott Pilgrim vs. the World"" director Edgar Wright, is a high-octane, high-style and highly entertaining thrill ride. A subtly innovative blend of cars, guns, music and old-school cool, it's also one of those increasingly rare creatures in Hollywood: an undeniably original movie."

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