Stellar Software Technologies launches an Intelligent Recruitment Platform

"Stellar Software Technologies Private Limited announced the launch of a recruitment platform amidst a selected audience of heads of HR/Talent Acquisition industry and venture capitalists.

The talent acquisition industry faces an ongoing challenge with finding and hiring the best talent quickly. Recruiting departments of big companies have tens of thousands to millions of applicants within their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and CRMs and limited methods (and time) for prioritizing the best candidates for specific jobs. Recruiters have been spending hours manually going through tons of resumes against each job opening for years. Most recruiters use inaccurate Boolean searches and inefficient keyword searches based on outdated job descriptions. And to add to all this, most of the candidate information in their ATS is outdated.

Param is a complete recruitment solution powered by analytics and artificial intelligence.  It integrates seamlessly with a company’s applicant tracking system (ATS) and stackranks incoming job applications against open requisitions based on the past and trending hiring patterns of the company.  That is not all. In addition to features like ATS mining,candidate correspondence, automated tasks, analytics and dashboard etc. it also provides the recruiter with additional insights like thesummary andsocial data for each candidate."

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