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Sorry if there was already a thread, but I couldn't see one.

I recently came across BTS and have been pretty blown away with how good they are. Aside from the music, which I find to be some of the catchiest songs I've heard in my life, I've been really impressed with how involved in the writing process they are (especially as K-pop isn't exactly known for that) and how the group seems open to challenging social norms within their country and using the voice they have to make a difference which not many Korean artists are willing too.

I'm not a close follower of k-pop, I used to love some of the groups a few years ago, but I've not really kept a close eye on it. Are BTS on anyone else's radar here (I know they are huge is Korea and are making substantial waves in the US right now)? Any suggestions for what tracks to listen to? I'm been listening to their latest album, "You never walk alone" and most of their singles - looks like there's quite the discography to familiarise myself with.

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