Spektral raises $2.8 million for development of AI-powered green screen technology

The augmented reality acquisition space is hot — Facebook, Snap, Apple and others are throwing money at teams and technologies that promise to increase user engagement. Spektral, a Danish startup, is the latest venture-backed visual effects company setting its sights on the massive space. Spektral is announcing a $2.8 million round today from Litecap and Amp Ventures to continue development of its machine learning-powered, real-time, green screen technology.

Spektral, unlike 99 percent of venture-backed startups doesn’t have a product or at least not in the traditional tech sense. Instead of spending time on a go-to-market, Spektral has been investing heavily in research and development and racking up patents. After first pursuing still frames under the name CloudCutout, the team is moving into real time video — combining machine learning with spectral graph theory to separate people and objects from their original backgrounds and overlay them in a new stream.

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