How do you protect your car from rats?


my car has all its cables replaced everytime during the the rats in my building have taken a liking for my car.

i have tried everything from rat poison,napthalene balls,now the only option left is keeping a cat inside the engine bay.

plsssssss *lease:tell me as to how can i solve this.

i also tried confusing the rats by parking my car in different places and in different directions ,but of no use.

even ur cars might b having the same problems,wat do u do.

also,is applying a wax polish like turtle wax better than going for either a polymer or teflon coating .

as a good quality wax paste can cost around 500-1k depending upon quality .and u can do it urself throughout the year after maybe 2-3 months.

Please Help.

Thanks !

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.



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